Yet Another Story About A Business Screwed Over And Ruined By Trump

“He’s left nothing but ruins everywhere he’s gone.”

“Donald Trump thinks he can make America great again, but he’s left nothing but ruins everywhere he’s gone,” says Paul Friel. “He has continued to hurt the little guy, he’s continued to not pay the bills that he’s promised to pay, and that’s not the American way.”

Paul’s father, Edward J. Friel, ran a successful Philadelphia cabinet-making company that was hired by Trump to do work for one of his Atlantic City casinos. It won’t shock you to hear that Trump claimed to be dissatisfied with the work and said he wasn’t going to pay for it. When Friel pointed out that the money was owed him not by Trump but by the general contractor who’d hired him, Trump delighted in announcing that he’d bought out that contractor to avoid paying the subcontractors. Friel sued but dropped the case when he realized he’d owe more in attorney fees than he’d win. Nonetheless, Trump felt the need to crush him totally by having him blackballed in Atlantic City.

America, that is your job creator. Heartbreaking! Paul Friel @The Trump Project:

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