Once upon a time there was a fairy tale character named Rumpelstiltskin.  He was a short-tempered dealmaker who, when one of his deals went bad, went into such a rage that he stamped his right foot so deep into the ground that his whole leg went in.  Then, in a furious effort to free himself, he tugged at his left leg so hard that he tore his body apart and destroyed himself.


The real life dealmaker we call Trumpelthinskin has a similarly short fuse, but, as President of the United States, his fits and frenzies would have the potential to destroy us all.  Despite his ludicrous declaration that “I don’t have thin skin, I have very strong and thick skin,” Donald Trump’s paper-thin epidermis is his greatest weakness.  To this self-imagined Superman, criticism is Kryptonite.  There is nothing but criticism of Donald Trump to be found on Trumpelthinskin.


Our mission is to be the ultimate repository of damaging information about – and scathing satire of – the most absurd, the most odious, the most psychopathic man ever to seek the Presidency.  We are compiling the definitive record of exactly how Donald Trump – one of the very worst people in the nation’s history, a tantrum-throwing seven-year-old in the bloated body of a seventy-year-old – rose to this exalted level of potential power.  And we need your help.


We all know someone – a co-worker, a friend, or, saddest of all, a family member – who is committed to voting for this pus-filled boil of hate.  And we all know that for many of those people, nothing he has ever said or done, or will ever say or do, no matter how egregious, will ever change their minds.  Still, we believe that some number of Trump supporters may be susceptible to reason, and that, presented with the right fact, the right quote, or the right image, they might pull themselves back from the abyss.


As impossible as it seems to imagine the election of Donald Trump, we will not be truly safe until the votes are actually in.  As former Obama advisor Dan Pfeiffer put it, “You have to have people imagine Trump behind the desk in the Oval Office, and have them be scared.”  We remember how unthinkable a Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush presidency was.  We have to live each day until November 8th with the awareness that nothing less than the future of the country is at stake.  We have to disseminate the information posted here as widely as possible, all across social media.  We have to ensure that every Hillary Clinton voter understands the urgency of casting a ballot, and try to convince the convincible Donald Trump voter, however many or few of those there might be, not to cast the most important vote of his or her life for indecency and inhumanity.


In short, to paraphrase the despicable man himself in his deranged rant about the vetting of immigrants, we need to have extreme sharing.  We need to have extreme, EXTREME sharing.  We want things shared from here – and from our Trumpelthinskin Facebook community, where you can post your own links and comments and engage in the conversations that trolls prevent us from enabling here – to go forth exponentially and saturate the political atmosphere.


Additionally, we invite you to deliver a message to Donald Trump directly. Pick up your smart phone, hit video, and tell him exactly what you think of him.  Then Contact Us and send it on.  We’ll post the best of them here and upload them to our YouTube Talk Back To Trump channel.  Also, please send us links to anything you think should be posted here, and to any sites or pages we should be linking to on our Favorites page.  And, of course, please donate!  We are relying on your generosity to take this effort as far as possible.


Let’s be clear about this.  The point is not just to defeat Donald Trump.  The point is to thrash this Ugliest American so resoundingly that he wakes up on November 9th as the biggest loser ever.  The point is to see that, as Thomas L. Friedman wrote in The New York Times, “the message goes out across the land — unambiguously, loud and clear: The likes of you should never come this way again.”


By documenting Donald Trump’s lifelong transition from vulgar buffoon and thuggish huckster into the venom-spewing demagogue and global menace we are currently confronted with, we hope to amass a memory for Americans addicted to amnesia and guarantee that such a thing never happens again.  Or at least not for a long while.


Join us!


* * * * *



Trumpelthinskin was created by PAUL SLANSKY, author of the New York Times best seller The Clothes Have No Emperor and frequent contributor to The New Yorker. Slansky, who moved from New York to Los Angeles three decades ago, was no less appalled by Donald Trump then than he is today.







The banner logo and illustration were created by the famous guerrilla street artist ROBBIE CONAL, whose savage portraits of the worst of the nation’s politicians have been assaulting the eyes of unsuspecting Americans since 1986.






The site was designed by DOUG ROSMAN, who describes his contribution as having built the sewage system through which will flow all the Trump waste.







Editors who can expect serious retribution in the horrific event of a Trump victory include NAMES TK.