Other Big News From Robert Costa’s Blockbuster Washington Post Interview

Trump absurdly claimed that his support among blacks is roaring back (“I’ve come up with African American voters like a rocket ship”), that he has “no interest in [launching] a media company,” that the medical report his “very, very professional” doctor released was far more revealing than that released by his opponent, who “didn’t give all of these EKGs. I took EKGs. She said her cholesterol is okay, I say what my cholesterol is. I give the good, the bad and the other cholesterols. I give all three cholesterols” and that he wasn’t worried about having his “facts” challenged during the debates: “I don’t care. My facts are good. My facts are good. I don’t get enough credit for having my facts right. They’ll say I’m wrong even when I’m right.” Robert Costa@The Washington Post (9/15/16)

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