The Trump Foundation Is To Philanthropy As Trump University Is To Education: Gifts Cited In Tax Filings Went Mysteriously Unreceived


The Washington Post is now following up on every single gift that the foundation claims to have given, and there is no doubt that more “phantoms” will appear — funds that were spent in totally calculated evasion of the IRS. 


David A. Fahrenthold@The Washington Post (9/13/16): “Five times, the Trump Foundation’s tax filings described giving a specific amount of money to a specific charity — in some cases, even including the recipient’s address. But when The Post called, the charities listed said the tax filings appeared wrong. They’d never received anything from Trump or his foundation. The Post asked Trump’s staff to explain these five apparent errors. It has explained one. Regarding that one … the Trump organization’s explanation showed something very unusual. The incorrect gift had been listed on the Trump Foundation’s tax filings in a way that served to hide a real gift — the improper donation to Bondi’s group — from the IRS. Trump’s staffers say there was no intent to mislead: The improper gift was left off, and the false gift was added, by accident.”

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