Trump Assembling Coalition To Convince Anti-Abortion Voters That His Decades Of Pro-Choice Statements Are Meaningless


Why would anyone believe a single word this pathological liar says about anything?


Claire Landsbaum@New York Magazine (9/16/16): “In December of 1999, Donald Trump told reporters he was ‘totally pro-choice’ and ‘would like to see the abortion issue removed from politics’ because he believed it was a ‘personal decision that should be left to women and their doctors.’ Unsurprisingly, he’s changed his tune since entering the presidential race, even going so far as to suggest women ought to be punished for getting abortions. Nevertheless, Trump’s early, liberal-leaning views on abortion rights have made some pro-life activists skittish about supporting him. So to reassure them, he’s assembling a coalition designed to push his anti-abortion stance.”

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